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Julia Galygo Senior editor

HP Image Zone Express software v1.5 is presented for free download to install, add, update, setup HP Printers. Easy in use HP Image Zone Express application program provides functional capabilities of editing and printing photos. Besides, this program provides the access to HP Instant Share program, where you can quickly share photos with other users.
HP Image Zone Express is only for Windows users.
The main features of the program:
1. Viewing – various way of photos’ viewing in different formats. You can easy organize and manage your photos.
2. Editing - cut off photos and remove red eyes effect. Automatic image fix and photos quality improving.
3. Printing – print photo using different formats and layouts.
4. Sharing – sharing photos with other users via HP Instant Share (an updated tool to transfer data via e-mail without attaching files of big sizes).
Create great photos from not-so-great ones with HP Image Zone Express. Remove red eyes, lighten dark images, correct the color and more with this simple but powerful set of built-in tools. Now, with HP Image Zone Express software, it's truly easy to create quick prints to share with your friends and family - without complicated software struggles. Perfect for anyone who wants a basic photo-editing and printing solution.


  • Viewing, editing, printing and sharing functions.
  • Access to HP Instant Share.
  • Correction tools.
  • Basic photo-editing and printing solution.


  • No disadvantages.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.

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    Jon C. 2 years ago
    — HP Image Zone Express hangs
    Pros: Intuitive, Step by Step
    Cons: Hangs intermittently

    I am not sure why the software hangs, when, trying to scan over USB from HP OfficeJet 5610, and, I am only able to terminate the underlying processes through Task Manager.
    Usually I just restart the laptop (or log off and log on again) to ensure any startup programs are re-run, however, sometimes, the program simply hangs during the scanning process, or, when I select Cancel, and, the screen indicates 'Cancelling'. The program sleeps in a cancelling state for over 5 minutes, and, does not seem to release the resources effectively.
    It has also been noticed that although I cancelled a scan after I cancelled it, the program actually left a scanned image in the expected 'My Scans' sub-folder, at some point, however I might be mistaken in this, because there were a myriad of processes running on the laptop.

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    Jerry Scott 3 years ago
    Pros: None that I can think of.
    Cons: Cons are listed in the comments.

    Trying to download Image Zone Express - I have downloaded every kind of driver known to man, but have not been able to get to where I can download Image Zone Express - every time I click on download now it is for another driver of some kind - HOW DO YOU DOWNLOAD IMAGE ZONE EXPRESS - OR CAN YOU???

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    Mike Lance 4 years ago

    There is one big disadvantage to Imagezone Express - Once you load it on your computer it is there forever. I have tried to get rid or it through Add/Remove Programs and have had no luck. It acts like it's going to erase it but it never goes away. Apparently even the HP Support line even gives up on it; according to the person in this link http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php/t80860.html.
    It's 9 MB of you computer that HP will own forever.

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